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 Although at its inception it had an irrevocable connection to the subject, it has now been available for some time to use with any other theme. The main feature is a drag-and-drop editor, or in other words, dragging the design object ( widget ) to the work area so that it can be edited. With this, you will be able to design at breakneck speed and see the design results in real time without having to open a preview at the front end, which gives you great fluency at work. — Visual Builder Overview With plenty of customization options, animations, and adaptations to mobile devices

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Wide range of design options( more than widgets), large pre-designed    special data  template repository( more than designs and multiple full website), it is undoubtedly one of the best page builders. Although it does not have a free version, on the site you have a demo to try. There is no free version in the facility and comments repository, so I do not have that data. Advantages and disadvantages Advantages: low learning curve. A wide variety of forms and widgets.

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 It has a lifetime version. Disadvantages: Although there have been many improvements, the loading speed still gives users a headache. It does not have a free version, you have to buy a paid version as well as the rest of the   CRYP Email List  package ( themes, magazine themes, emails and social media ). Price Year: USD Year Unlimited Website. Lifetime: Dollar Year Unlimited Website. #. Page Builder is the most installed free option in the repository, second only to .

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