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Life Hack Belajar Programming ala Developer Dicoding

Who is not interested in the prospect of working as a developer? Reporting from indeed.com, work in this field is one of the jobs with high demand and high salaries.

Even though the job prospects look so promising, the process of learning programming is not as easy as one might think. Eits don’t worry, we have a solution! We have summarized a number of life hacks to make it easier for you to learn programming.

Without further ado

Here’s a life hack that can support your learning process to become a reliable developer.

Remember Initial Learning Objectives
Everything we do, of course, starts with an Canadian CEO Email Lists intention, right? During the process of learning programming, there will definitely be moments when we feel so frustrated, especially when facing difficult challenges or experiencing repeated errors.

Well, that’s the right time to remember the initial purpose of learning. Then, also remind ourselves that every error is part of the process of learning programming, and we cannot avoid it. So, don’t give up easily and enjoy the process, OK, Coders!

Choose Specialization and Programming


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Determining the specialization you want to pursue is a key step in directing your study focus. In the vast world of programming, there are various specializations that you can choose from.

The choices start from frontend developers, backend developers, mobile developers, machine learning developers, and many more. Oh yes, there is info, here. For those of you who want to focus on exploring the field of machine learning, you can listen to our previous tips again.

After you have determined the specialization CRYP Email List you want to pursue, the next step is to choose a programming language that is relevant to the specialization you have chosen. By determining the right specialization and programming language, you can optimize your learning journey as a developer in your field of expertise.

Understand Data Structures and Algorithms
Understanding data structures and algorithms is crucial because they provide a solid foundation for efficient problem-solving and application development.

Understanding data structures can help us to be more effective in manipulating data in a structured manner. Then, an understanding of algorithms allows us to design logical steps in solving problems efficiently.

Strong problem-solving skills will bring long-term benefits to a career as a program developer. This allows us to face various challenges in the world of programming with more confidence.

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