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Local vs Global SEO How Do Rates Differ

But this is not always Local vs Global the case, and sometimes Google can give us a surprise. Let’s go back to the SERPs and look for “ loans without collateral and without checking the credit bureau in Monterrey ”, the keyword that seems to be most profitable for Adsense within this niche that I mentioned above. serps competition Once we leave the ads behind, we are going to pay attention to the first two results, which are the ones that exactly match our long tail keyword. The first is the one that may pose a problem for us, since it responds to the user’s search intention: it is a company that grants loans in Monterrey without checking credit and without collateral.

Serps competition Local vs Global Once we leave the ads behind

The second result, however, has very low quality content, probably category email list translated automatically and without anyone having reviewed it. It does not have an SSL certificate, the layout is very poor. It is perfectly surmountable . But there may still be other situations that make us give up a niche. serps adsense If we wanted to set up a niche based on the keyword “how to design a house”, for example, we would discover that the first results that Google shows are videos because they respond perfectly to the user’s search intention.

Let's talk about authority and MOZ's PA and DA metrics

That is, the user wants to watch videos CRYP Email List about this keyword, so our elaborate quality texts will not be very useful no matter how many words we put into them… Let’s go up one more level in the analysis of possible niches… Let’s talk about authority and MOZ’s PA and DA metrics . Are they useful, do they reflect reality, do they need to be taken into account? Like almost everything in SEO… it depends (wink to my SEOWarriors on Telegram) We can use the PA and DA metrics as one more variable within this entire process that we are going through to analyze a possible Adsense niche. To have these metrics you will have to install a Chrome extension called MozBar and which you can download here .

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