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 What is the content of your personal social media platforms like? Do you share funny cat videos on your Facebook wall, or are they full of bitter writings about the Finnish economy, tax extortion and cutting daily allowances? There are opinions in the world. But for example, I myself will not read or follow a blogger who swears. Someone else doesn’t mind swearing. about your own personal ways of doing things and decide if that’s the brand you want to create. 5. Build your blog the right way You should never start a blog on the spur of the moment.

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I read too many (still) bloggers’ reflections on the fact that a blog has been established but it doesn’t feel good anymore, what should be latest database done. You can build a blog in no time, as long as you have decided what kind of blog you want to build. What was the goal of the blog? If you want to monetize your blog from day one, the look and content of the blog will be different than if the goal is to gather a large number of readers. Personally, I recommend starting a WordPress blog. Although WordPress can seem complicated at first, I have made several screencasts and tutorials for this blog to help you quickly get familiar with WordPress. Also read this: 3 easy steps to start blogging 6. Optimize social media Sintu  in use. But if your blog has a name other than your own, you should definitely set up your own social media profiles for your blog.

Takuu already has its own social platforms

You can set up social profiles on every social platform even if you don’t use them. This way, you ensure that no one else can build the same brand as you. However, I don’t recommend being actively present on every social platform, because time-wise it’s just not possible. Instead, I recommend taking one main channel and supporting it with 2 – 3 others. For Cryp Email List example, I use Facebook as my main channel and Instagram , LinkedIn and Pinterest as supporting channels.

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