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Possible objectives of SEM positioning

Thanks to the planning of an advertising campaign. Possible objectives in search engines. SEM positioning we can achieve the following objectives. Ther for Boost sales. We can get our potential customers to make an online purchase, visit us. Physical store or call us by phone. Generate qualified leads. By planning a Google Ads campaign we can encourage our potential clients to leave us their data to generate sales opportunities web traffic. It is possible to get our target audience – users interested in our product or service – to visit our website or our landing page. Reach and notoriety. If our objective is to reach our target audience and/or publicize or improve the notoriety of our brand or company.

Improve conversion rate Possible objectives

Retargeting of a web page. It is a top industry data advertising strategy that consists of making an impact again. Ther for Only in those users who have already been interested. For our products and services, for example, who have already visited our website, but have not completed the purchase. With this we will be able to improve the conversion rate. Get users to install or use a mobile application. Unlike SEO, we can create different versions of the content that will be displayed on the SERPs search results pages. When we create our ads in Google Ads we can establish different headlines. Descriptions for our ads, and include links to other sections as an extension of the ads. From the website, featured texts, Google My Business location and contact telephone numbers.

Advantages of SEM positioning

The main advantages of betting on a CRYP Email List positioning strategy. SEM Google Ads campaign are as follows.  Ther for Better positions in search results. The first positions in the results of any search are always occupied by Google Ads. Although a Google Ads campaign does not always guarantee coming out in first position. The results are different for each user. Short-medium term profitability. If the campaign is well planned, we periodically optimize it, we will obtain results from the first moment. Specific landing page. Each Google Ads campaign or ad group will be redirected to a specific landing page, never to the home page. All elements of the landing page design.

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