Study at IDCamp to Sharpen Machine Learning Skills

Talking about never giving up on what you believe in, Muhammad Alif Ramadhan (19) has this trait because of the extraordinary circumstances that shaped him from birth. Alif believes that one day, regardless of his special condition, he will be able to make his mother happy who has raised him alone.

Armed with his determination to make his parents proud, Alif diligently trains himself to become a reliable digital talent in the future. During his journey, Alif honed his   skills in  . Will Alif succeed in achieving his dream of providing welfare to his mother?

People with Disabilities Who Ever Wanted to Become IoT Engineers


Fortitude and patience are Alif’s two “best friends” since childhood. This is because he was born with special conditions, namely only having one ear, has a tumor in one eye, and his jaw has shifted. In addition, Alif grew up alone with his mother who acted as a single parent. Alone, Alif’s mother financed her son’s life and education by selling hodgepodge.

Apart from the special conditions he VP Administration Email Lists has since birth, Alif has an interest in technology since childhood. He loved playing with computers until his mother sent him to a private junior high school in Karawang, which happened to have a robotics extracurricular school. Alif’s interest in the world of robotics is getting stronger and stronger, making him decide to continue his studies at SMKN 1 Karawang and major in Industrial Electronic Engineering.

“During my time at SMK, I learned a lot abo  and so aspired to become an IoT Engineer. Unfortunately, an IoT Engineer is required to be able to do certain jobs, such as soldering and taking certain measurements. The limitations that I have prevent me from being able to do the job optimally,” said Alif.

Alif’s obstacle to achieving his goals is not only that. When the pandemic hit, Alif’s school limited the financing of the usual IoT research. This made him decide to explore other fields, namely machine learning .

Sharpening Machine Learning Skills in the 2021 IDCamp Scholarship Program


Alif’s interest in machine learning encouraged him to learn Python and machine learning specific mathematics on an autodidact basis. Besides learning a lot from various sources, Alif is also active in communities on Facebook. Her participation in the community led her to discover the 2021 IDCamp Scholarship Program.

Seeing that this program offers a machine learning CRYP Email List learning path, Alif doesn’t think twice about signing up. He feels that the 2021 IDCamp Scholarship Program is a golden opportunity for him to hone his machine learning skills . He wants to have his first machine learning certificate from IDCamp.

Alif’s seriousness in learning made him feel that he had no challenges while living his days as a participant in the 2021 IDCamp Scholarship Program. Instead, he felt that he had gained a lot of good things from his participation in this training.

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