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Between LinkIn , Facebook, Twitter, but also Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Pinterest, dramatically, both from the point of view of age and objectives therefore, a preliminary assessment helps to meet the right people in the right places. To be sure to target the most correct and interesting audience segment for the company. Mia is cit as the channel with the highest. ROI and level of engagement by mia planners interview by HubSpot: they are us by 47% of professionals 14% plan to increase their spending on social mia 25% decid to start sponsoring content for the first time early As regards organic activities on its social mia, however.

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By HubSpot publish content on social channels 22% decid to start publishing social content for the first time 9% want to invest more resources in social activities than any other marketing to B2b Email List the channel. Organic social mia content is list as the second channel with the highest ROI and engagement. Stay updat on the next articles in this column dicat to trends & insights : subscribe to the Fontimia blog! SEO | CONTENT MARKETING | SOCIAL MIA | EMAIL MARKETING | CONTENT MARKETING PILLS New Call-to-action What’s new for success in B2B Are you a sales director, marketing manager or CEO.

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