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this platform also favors the sharing of ideas and multimia

this platform also favors the sharing of ideas and multimia content in large quantities. Which is why it is essential to know how to propose captivating and original content;Youtube : for this platform. Very accurate and in-depth content planning and a market investigation are requir which includes not only the general trends of the social network. But also the different current fashions of the market niche in which one operates. To obtain visibility. Good organization of content and constant presence are important 

platform link to the workplace

platform link to the workplace. Provides a formal language and the sharing of contents design to form professional relationships and share one’s work experiences.  How to structure the itorial plan Before proceing with the drafting of the itorial plan. It is important to analyze the social mia on which to publish and then create a content database and finally organize the calendar. Social network new data analysisA detail analysis of the platform on which you want to publish the contents is necessary to focus on their optimization and to establish the appropriate language to use. Depending on the target audience of the platform and the post.

So as to adapt the contents to the nes

So as to adapt the contents to the nes. The analysis also includes the aspect of publication frequency : it is better to publish less content than average if these posts are of quality and useful for users. Rather than publishing too much content that does not generate interactions or interest. Content databaseTo make the work more practical and faster. It is a good idea to collect all publishable content in a database. In order to CRYP Email List  organize and exploit it according to your nes. Including texts and multimia files.  This step will be functional both in the drafting of articles or posts and in the organization of the work. As it provides a complete vision of the material available and any useful time frame for publication. 

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