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What was unknown to us was that we really didn’t know what to expect from this workshop. This is the industry we have dealt with for the first time, we have never made products for the Agro industry before.We also didn’t do workshops, and we didn’t do workshops with such a precise group. These were the presidents of individual companies, the president of a company from the Opolskie Voivodeship, from Wielkopolska, and each of these companies had a huge area and technological potential.

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These people ate their teeth, These people on the table every day have proposals from a few, a dozen or so start-ups, so it wasn’t a whatsapp mobile number list meeting over pickld cucumbers somewhere in the field, but actually these were real people, who have great knowldge and huge business. For us, it was a big unknown how these workshops would go and how they would also enter these workshop tools.

whatsapp mobile number list

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On the one hand, they had great agricultural and business knowldge, and we had this start-up, rope and scram knowldge together with Cryp Email List you. So all these tools: how to turn an idea written in one sentence into a product. It was a combination of two different groups and it was interesting for me. When Grzegorz and I drove for a few hours from Krakow to Opole, we really had a puzzle about what interesting things would happen there.

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