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What are the essential information to induce a purchase

We know that at least 60% of purchases are conveyed by the search . For information via the Web which is then exhausted both online and offline.

This means in fact it is necessary to create comprehensive contents ,

which provide all the necessary information both in order to index the site through keywords and to satisfy the needs of consumers. But what is this information? Why do consumers inform themselves before buying? what does “content is king” really mean?

There is a branch of psychology called consumer behavior analysis that explains how knowledge drives our purchasing decisions . Obviously this does not exclude the possibility of making impulse purchases, quite the contrary.

Let’s start from the end. When a good marketer writes a text, he must appropriately explode what is called the means-ends chain : The means-ends chain connects the intrinsic characteristics of the product to the general objectives (the ends) that the consumer wishes to achieve: when we buy a product we do it for the characteristics it has, what it does and represents. Let’s explain this concept more fully.


First of all, knowledge can be broken down into product knowledge, but also (and above all) self-knowledge, linked to what we know about ourselves, our tastes and our goals.

Product knowledge is broken down into 3 concepts:

  1. the product as a system of attributes/characteristics: colour, size, fabric, etc. They are the material and immaterial characteristics of the product and represent the most concrete and elementary part of the Qatar Mobile Number List product. Obviously we  can also buy something for non-attributes, such as light products for example.


Attributes constitute the operating levers of the firm’s product policy. These are based on materiality (the 5 senses) such as anti-wrinkle cream, yogurt regularis, but also immaterial, more difficult to communicate. Obviously the brand itself is also an attribute, think of the difference between a point and a lexus.


2. product as a system of consequences ; effects that Cryp Email List involve possession of . That asset such as having an old cell phone. They are divided into functional consequences, i.e. tangible and directly experienceable results (blackberry keyboard instead of touch) and psychosocial consequences, i.e. individual/subjective and/or relevant sensations in relation to other individuals


3. product as a system of values ; green, ecological, healthy and so on and so forth.

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Self knowledge

The self-concept can be defined as the complex of evaluations and . Sensations relating to oneself, (in theory the individual is capable of perceiving himself and his own personality but his self-perception does . Not always correspond to reality, for this reason defines as a subjective concept). Here are the three postulates of this theory:

  • people cannot define themselves without products
  • people extend their being with products: personal characteristics + products (who is Pantani without a bike?)
  • people construct if multiples across products: if ideal vs real between steriotype and if effective. But with modern consumption.

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