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What is a social mia report ?

To draw up a useful report we ne to keep in mind the recipient we are addressing.A report rich in data. But not very relevant to the analysis you want to do. Can be complicat to view and analyze. Even from a graphic point of view. As well as the contents and objectives to be includ. The report must be clear. Well structur but not too full of graphic elements that could confuse. Letting the data speak is the most effective and impactful solution. The language is also important and must be shap according to the recipient: it is very useful to include notes and a short legend that explains the terminology us. In order to offer an understandable picture of the work being done on social mia. 

What time frame should the report cover

What time frame should the report cover? Another key special data question is what time frame the report should cover. The time frame can depend on your goals and make comparisons with previous periods easy. The most common types of reports are monthly. Quarterly and half-yearly . But everything also depends on the workflow. Seasonality and what you want to highlight. The performances to be compar must always include the same metrics: it makes no sense to compare different kpis at different times. How to collect data for the report? 

The tools for collecting data from social platforms

The tools for collecting data from social platforms are many and not always easy CRYP Email List to consult: business suite. Twitter analytics. Linkin analytics. Hootsuite. A professional is capable of extrapolating data. Not only as nak numbers. But contextualiz in the digital marketing process. The reporting operation allows you to continuously refine a strategy for achieving results and is a sign of work done with precision and with a view to foresight and planning. A good report is. In fact.

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