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Why knock your welcome email out of the park

Think of your welcome email as the true first impression – as a do-or-die opportunity to wow your audience and take loyalty to the next level . Do it right. And they won’t cancel immiately. Why knock your welcome email out of the park? Did you know that 74.4% of subscribers say they expect a welcome email after signing up. And that welcome emails have an extraordinarily high open rate of 57.8%. Compar to a much paler average open rate of 14.6% for other types of emails? (bonus: send your emails in real time . And that same study shows you can increase open rates to 83% .) and yet.

Especially when your subscribers

It has been report that 83% of brands don’t make Asia email list a good first impression. Luckily you are not a statistic. Can you do any better. That’s how: lesson 1: be grateful think with google welcome email saying “Thank you” is just a matter of good manners. Especially when your subscribers have hand over something as valuable as their email addresses. So. Lesson 1: don’t forget to say “Thank you” ! And in those exact words. To be sure. Lesson 2: get personal lesson 2 – get personal gimmicky or not. There’s a reason we recommend email personalization: it works .

Invite subscribers to streamline

asia email list

We are not talking about a simple name customization to fill. We’re talking about real. Helpful personalization: in your welcome email. Invite Crype Mail List subscribers to streamline their subscription settings to receive the content they really want. Not only will you have happier. More satisfi. And more loyal subscribers. But you’ll also reap much lower cancellation rates . Lesson 3: reintroduce yourself mack weldon welcome email example after a word of thanks and personalization. The most important element of your email is that it reiterates to new subscribers who you are and.

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