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3 Types of Applications You Should Know

Currently there are so many applications that exist and we often use them. It is also undeniable, that existing applications are very helpful for human life in communicating, working, and also adding insight. This application is divided into several types, one of which is a web application that we often encounter in everyday life, for example, Gmail , e-commerce, YouTube , and others.

Talking about applications, are you one of those who have or want to make an application? If you’ve ever made an application, you should already know about the different types of applications, right? From several types of applications, we often encounter types of mobile applications, namely applications that are on your smartphone.

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The two types of applications previously mentioned, namely web applications and mobile applications. Both are important to know if you Chief VP Sales Marketing Officers Email Lists want to build an application later so you know what type of application you will make. Apart from the two types of applications, there is one more type of application that you will definitely encounter very often, namely desktop applications.

application type

Let’s find out the differences between the three types of applications mentioned above, shall we?

Desktop application is an application

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Or software that is on the desktop (PC and laptop). Generally, this type of application operates without being connected to an internet connection or can be run offline.

To use it, users must first install it on the CRYP Email List operating system on a laptop or computer. Desktop applications can be created in various programming languages, such as C#, Java, and Delphi.

Examples of desktop applications include:

and others
2. Web Applications
This type of application utilizes a web server and browser to run it, such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Web applications can run with the internet or intranet network (LAN network).

Ease of access is the main characteristic that makes web applications more desirable and easier to implement in various areas of life. Web-based applications are generally developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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