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5 VS Code Plugins to Create a Website

Visual Studio Code or VS Code is an open-source code editor that helps developers write code quickly. It was created and maintained by Microsoft Corporation which was first released on April 29, 2015.

Since it supports a wide range of programming languages, it can be used to write any code without switching between other code editors. Some of the supported programming languages ​​are Java, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and many more.

What are VS Code Plugins
One of the superior features offered by VS Code is VS Code extensions. It makes it possible to extend the workflow of application development so that it has more capabilities than the original.

With the flexibility or openness

The source code , VS Code extension makers can add extensions to VS Code directly and easily and contribute to enriching its features with the available APIs.

To explore extensions in VS Code, you need to open the search page first. There are two ways, namely pressing the CTRL + SHIFT + X combination or pressing the button with the following logo.

VS Code extension button logo

Supposedly, VS Code should display something like the following page.

One example of the VS Code extension to create a website

The page image above displays a Malaysia Mobile Number List list of extensions and a detail page for the selected extension. If you click on one of the available extensions on the left panel, the detail page of that extension will appear.

List of VS Code Plugin Recommendations
After getting acquainted with VS Code and its extensions, we have five recommendations for VS Code extensions that can increase your productivity when creating web pages.

Auto rename tags
Did you know that when creating HTML elements, VS Code can actually provide the closing tag automatically after writing the opening tag ? Yep , this is done automatically without any additional extensions.

However, have you ever expected

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That changing the tag name on one side will also change the other side automatically? The answer is, it can’t be done by VS Code except with the extension .

Well, the phenomenon above is an example of renaming HTML tags that are not automatically synchronized on the other side. For some people this may seem trivial, but this has the potential to annoy and annoy productive developers.

To increase developer happiness, there is an CRYP Email List extension called Auto Rename Tag from Jun Han . Since this article was written, this extension has been downloaded 13.5 million times.

The marketplace page of the Auto Rename Tag extension

The result will be as follows when installed and applied.

IntelliSense for CSS class names in HTML
In compiling styling for HTML documents, it’s not uncommon for us to use class selectors to do so. The more you use the class selector , the more complicated or dizzy it will be in managing it. Not to mention if we forget the name of the defined class selector .

Well, there is a very useful extension to help remember the names of available class selectors . It is named IntelliSense for CSS class names in HTML from Zignd . As the name suggests, this extension helps complete writing CSS code class names in HTML documents.

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