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Rise Up 2023 Bring Me Closer to My Dreams

The nature of giving up easily will certainly prevent us from achieving whatever we dream of. Luckily, Teddy   does not have this trait. If he doesn’t grow up to be a tough person, Teddy won’t be able to get one step closer to his dream.

This young man from Banyuwangi is a person with disabilities who dreams of becoming a technology talent. To be able to move towards his dream, Teddy decided to join Bangkit 2023 Batch 1 and chose the Cloud Computing learning path. How was Teddy’s journey while participating in this program?

Make Peace with Circumstances to Begin His Journey
teddy on campus

Teddy was born from a simple family. The eldest of two siblings is the son of a pair of chili farmers with erratic income. As a wheelchair user, sometimes, various questions about him go around in my head.

“Why should I have to go through this

Why can other people move at will?”

However, Teddy immediately threw that thought away considering that he has a priceless treasure that not everyone has, namely a pair of India Mobile Number List parents who love him and support whatever he aspires to be. Refusing to get lost in his thoughts. Teddy usually entertains himself by watching . Sports matches or stand-up comedy shows .

Teddy, who has made peace with his situation, has a hobby of playing games . From his favorite activity, he has an interest in exploring technology. Another thing that made him excited to study this field was the opportunity to get a remote job if he already had the skills in the future. This will greatly relieve Teddy who needs special assistance for mobility.

Teddy’s meeting with Rise 2023

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Teddy’s serious interest in exploring the IT field made him wish to continue his studies in Informatics Engineering after graduating from high school. Teddy’s parents, who always wanted to give the best for their eldest son, finally supported Teddy to study at the Banyuwangi State Polytechnic.

Studying at this campus makes Teddy feel CRYP Email List lucky. This is because the Banyuwangi State Polytechnic has friendly infrastructure for people with disabilities like him. He was greatly assisted by various . Accesses for his wheelchair on campus.

Being able to continue studying at university is an opportunity that Teddy doesn’t want to waste. Therefore, Teddy tries hard to become a student with satisfactory achievements. In order to always be an outstanding student, Teddy learns a lot from various sources, both inside and outside the classroom.

When moving on to the 6th semester.  Seeing that this program has a learning. Method that is quite fun for him.   Another thing that motivated him to participate enthusiastically was his dream of becoming a Back-End Engineer .

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