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Announcement of Middle Class Batch 3 DevOps and Back-End Developer

per are two specialties needed by many technology companies in Indonesia. On a job-desk basis, developers in this field are responsible for providing the administrator and back-end needs of a system that are invisible to web users.


in collaboration with . Dicoding, is holding a DevOps Scholarship and Back-End Developer . Scholarship Program for all general public in Indonesia.

This program uses the DevOps

Engineer Learning Path and Back-End Developer Learning Path learning modules at Dicoding Academy.

Today we are announcing the selected VP Communications Officer Email Lists participants who won batch 3 scholarships to get middle class materials according to the learning path that has been chosen. Congratulations to the selected participants!

industry experience will guide participants and provide relevant practical insights and problem solving.    Oollaborate through team projects . Discussions and s. Communication and problem-solving skills together.


Selected DevOps Learning Path

VP Communications Officer Email Lists

Selected Learning Path Back-End: dicoding.id/AWSBackEndMedalamB3
. Please check all email folders including the updates, promotions, or spam folders.

g Bootcamp is an intensive training program designed by Dicoding from experience in managing hundreds of trainings, hundreds of thousands of participants, and combining aspects that support the effectiveness of training in meeting industrial needs and creating a competent workforce in the technology field. This program helps individuals fill skills gaps and prepare for a future in the digital technology industry.

Comprehensive, structured and up-to-date Dicoding curriculum, equipped with practical assignments to increase participant understanding. The support of expert mentors with extensive

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