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Is the Metaverse Still Winning in 2023

Metaverse , a term that is familiar to those of you who follow technological developments in recent years. This Metaverse concept is very hype because it refers to a virtual world that allows us to interact with other users represented by an avatar. The sectors targeted by Metaverse are also very diverse, ranging from entertainment, education, to fashion . Then, how is the Metaverse trending in 2023? Check out the discussion in the article below.

Development of the Metaverse 2023
Metaverse illustrationAn artist is represented by an avatar of himself that is made as closely as possible to the original. What’s more, the avatar is moved in real time by the artist and can interact virtually with the avatar of the fan in the world of Metaverse. Of course, this real time interaction cannot be felt when watching via a regular streaming platform . Well, that’s one of the advantages that have been implemented in terms of virtual concerts.

In 2023 the Metaverse news

can be said to have dimmed a little because currently there is a lot of talk about AI (Artificial Intelligence), an example is ChatGPT. However, there is some good news regarding this technology.

This news comes from research conducted by MarketWatch , they write that the global Metaverse market looks promising in the next five VP Media Email Lists years. In 2023, the global Metaverse market is expected to grow to 43,990.69 million USD and is predicted to reach 432,284.41 million USD in 2028. A very large number, isn’t it?

Application of the Metaverse in Various FieldsMaybe you’re wondering, what ‘s the difference between watching a virtual concert via a streaming platform like YouTube and attending a virtual concert in the Metaverse? The answer is real time interaction between artists and their fans.

With high market growth in the future, this will certainly encourage the application of this technology in various fields. You can see some examples of its application in the description below.

Educationmagine you are carrying

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out a distance learning process so that every day . You just stare at the screen and interact with teachers or other students. Through applications such as Google Meet or Zoom. Of course at one time you will experience boredom and maybe also sleepy. However, what if the learning process is carried out through the Metaverse?

Armed with a VR ( Virtual Reality ) headset CRYP Email List connected to .The world of Metaverse, students and teachers can meet, hold . Puestions and answers, and interact in real time in the virtual world. The learning process will also feel more alive so that physical distance is no longer an obstacle.

This is of course different from just using a VR headset. Without being connected to Metaverse so there is no . Interaction with other people. This is what is important in this concept because . It can connect everyone to a virtual world and they can interact in it. Very interesting, right?

Talking about the entertainment sector, of course Metaverse is very applicable in it. One of the things that got excited at that time was Justin Bieber’s concert which was held virtually via the Wave application. Not only Justin Bieber, other famous artists have also held virtual concerts through the game Fortnite, such as Marshmello, Travis Scott, and also Ariana Grande.



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