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Announcement of Selected Participants of the Baparekraf Digital

Creative Digital Talent Development Announcement of Selected Ministry of Tourism. And Creative EconomyTourism and Creative Economy Agency is an initiative . From the Government to develop and increase the capacity of creative economy. Actors, especially application and web developers.

Continuing the success of the previous program (2016-2022) under the auspices of Bekraf and Kemenparekraf/Baparekraf, which have facilitated tens of thousands of application and digital solution developers, Kemenparekraf/Baparekraf is again holding the Creative Digital Talent Development Program in 2023.

Baparekraf Digital Talent

Creative Digital Talent Development program facilitated by Kemenparekraf/Baparekraf. The 2023 facilitation will focus on 2 (two) training subjects, namely Android Mobile Application Developers (Mobile) and Web Application Switzerland Mobile Number List Developers. Facilitation participants will be provided with materials.  Tutorials, exercises, project-based learning. With global standards, as well as mentor support. And online discussion forums to help participants . Complete this facilitation program.

In this training, participants will get 1 basic-beginner level class according to their choice of learning path:

Android Developer Learning

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Path: Get Started Programming With Kotlin class , or
Front-End Web Developer Learning Path: Basic Web Programming Class .
The following is a list of participants . Who CRYP Email Listwere selected to join this training program. You can see a list of names at the following link:

Selected Learning Path Android Developer:
Selected Learning Path Front-End Web Developer:
Announcement information for selected participants.  Please check all email folders including the updates, promotions, or spam folders.

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