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Narenda Wicaksono A Leader with a Passion to Spread Goodness

Not everyone has an inspirational story. However, someone who never stops fighting certainly has it. Naren, as he is affectionately called by those around him, is one such person. Narenda Wicaksono, her full name, is the key figure behind the founding of Dicoding as a technology learning platform in Indonesia.

During his life, he never gave up or stopped pursuing something he wanted. In his career journey, he is not pursuing material, but efforts to spread goodness and build hope, especially for digital talents in Indonesia. Here is an inspirational story from him that we summarize.

CEO of Dicoding, Narenda Wicaksono

The beginning
From childhood to adolescence, there weren’t many people around him who knew or mastered technology. However, Narenda has recognized that technology is an important thing that he must master so he can create something meaningful.

Since childhood, fond of technology

The inspirational story of Narenda Wicaksono began when her father bought her a computer during junior high school, around 1996. It was a Macintosh Classic, which was quite small. Not many people had an internet connection at that time. However, Narenda managed to get his computer connected to the internet.

This is even more interesting when Austria Mobile Number List he manages to use the computer for the things he likes. One of them is football. Before owning a computer, Narenda had to buy the Bola tabloid to find out the results of his favorite match, the Italian League. It was only published about five days after the game.

With the internet, Narenda can find out the results of matches directly on the network. His friends were amazed by this. Understandably, the Italian League match was not only liked by him, but also by his friends.

Since then, Narenda understands that the internet can be used for various things. He is also increasingly interested in exploring the field of informatics technology. In his mind, embedded determination to learn and take college in the field of interest is.

Desire to Develop Applications

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His passion for learning technology has never subsided because of his ambition to develop applications. His story is different from the children of his time. He took a different path and was not the most popular at the time.

Since childhood, Narenda has managed to create his own website. He consistently develops many products and applications. It was an ability that was rarely found in his time and was certainly inspiring.

He was eager to know more about CRYP Email List technology. However, it is not easy to learn informatics technology independently. Because of that, Narenda maintained her desire to study in that department.

There is never a smooth road of life without obstacles. Various obstacles have faced Narenda Wicaksono. However, Narenda did not see that as a boulder blocking his path. Rather, he considered it a precious impression.

Occasionally, he even considers it an oasis, a pleasant experience in the midst of a sometimes complicated life. This is what makes his life story worthy of being an inspirational story.

Failure as Motivation
The large number of products and applications he has developed made it difficult for Narenda to be asked, “What was the first product to be made?” However, there is one product that leaves a deep story for him.

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