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Announcement of Batch 2 DevOps Advanced Class and Back-End Developer Scholarship

DevOps and Back-End Developer are two specialties needed by many technology companies in Indonesia. On a job-desk basis, developers in this field are responsible for providing the administrator and back-end needs of a system that are invisible to web users.

Therefore, Amazon Web Services, in collaboration with Dicoding, is holding a DevOps Scholarship and Back-End Developer Scholarship Program for all general public in Indonesia.

This program uses the DevOps Engineer Learning Path and Back-End Developer Learning Path learning modules at Dicoding Academy.

Today we have selected graduates from the Elementary and Beginner classes who are entitled to proceed to the next stage, namely the Intermediate class based on the best passing rating and learning progress from each learning path.

The list of selected participants to receive the Middle class scholarship for the Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool 2022 program can be seen at the following link .

Congratulations to the selected participants!

Today we are announcing the selected

participants who won batch 2 scholarships to get proficient class material according to the learning path that has been chosen.  Congratulations to the selected participants.

You can see a list of names at the following link:

Selected DevOps Learning Path:
Selected Learning Path Back-End:
Advanced class token will be sent Philippines Mobile Namber List to your email. Please check all email folders including the updates, promotions, or spam folders.

We will distribute recipient announcement emails as well as. Middle class scholarship tokens via email no later than Friday, October 28 2022 at a maximum of 23.59.

In working on Intermediate classes, participants will be accompanied by selected facilitators and receive joint mentoring sessions until the closing of each of these advanced classes.

Congratulations and enthusiasm for learning developer friends.

Make the most of this opportunity to build a portfolio and pursue opportunities

For those of you who haven’t been selected

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you can still get a chance to be selected in the next batch. Complete the elementary, beginner, and intermediate classes first.

The following is the schedule for further announcements:

Batch 3
Middle Class Advanced Scholarship CRYP Email List Announcement : 15 June 2023
Advanced Class Advanced Scholarship Announcement : 15 September 2023
If you have questions about the program, please email [email protected]

Have a good stud

Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool 2022 is an online coding scholarship program to produce reliable digital talents in order to digitize the country.

Continuing Lintasarta’s success in 2020 and 2021 which has produced 21,870 Indonesian digital talents , in 2022 Lintasarta is again providing coding training in the field of Full Stack Development as well as introducing one of Lintasarta’s newest products, namely Lintasarta Cloudeka .



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