Cyber ​​Security nDefinition Types and Threats

Along with the increasingly advanced technology.  One of them is cybersecurity . Just like a security guard protecting your home, cyber security is needed to protect your devices, systems, networks and data from various cyber threats.

What exactly is cyber security ? What are the types and threats that you might face regarding cyber security ? How to strengthen it ? Check out the full explanation below!

Definition of Cyber ​​Security
Cyber ​​security comes from two words in English, namely cyber which means cyberspace (internet) and security which means security.   This includes hardware, software and data that you have.

Cybersecurity practices are carried out not

This step will help protect data centers and other computerized systems from unauthorized access.

A sound cybersecurity strategy can Japan Mobile List provide good security protection against attacks designed to access, modify, delete or extort systems and sensitive data from users. Disrupt or even stop system or device operations.

Cyber ​​security illustration

Types of Cyber ​​Security
Network security . This is the practice of securing a network from intruders. Both attackers who are deliberately targeting the system. And those who are looking for opportunities.
Application security . Application security focuses on keeping software or software free from threats.

Vulnerabilities in software and applications

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This is important to prevent greater losses in the future. Information security is needed to protect the integrity and privacy of data.
Operational security . Operational security CRYP Email List includes processes and decisions to handle and protect data assets. Or shared are all within the scope of operational security.
Mitigation . Mitigation processes are important for business continuity. It determines how a company or organization will respond to cyber incidents or other events that result in loss of data or disruption of operations. Recovery policies define how the company restores its operations.
Education for end-users .   humans, alias users. Anyone can accidentally introduce a virus into a system by failing to follow good security practices.  Regarding how to delete or ignore.  Suspicious email attachments, not connect unknown USB drives, change passwords. Regularly and other important education that will support security in the organization/company.

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