At DBS Foundation Coding Camp I Learned Problem Solving

The story of Achmad Fandi Santoso, a student at the Kudus State Islamic Institute who grew up and learned problem solving at the DBS Foundation Coding Camp

“We can’t do problem solving with the same level of thinking as when the problem was created.” Albert Einstein

When many people need ample space to “grow,” Achmad Fandi Santoso (25) takes advantage of “poor space” to develop. The makeshift space was built by the family’s simple economic conditions and limited knowledge resources. However, Fandi’s enthusiasm to move forward was enormous. Therefore, when he got the opportunity to study at DBS Foundation Coding Camp 2023, Fandi became a person with a growth mindset and learned how to do problem solving .

Learn Problem Solving from a young age by working after school to pay for school
Achmad Fandi Santoso at school

Simplicity is something Fandi has been

Very familiar with since childhood. He is the fourth of five children born and raised in Magelang Regency, Central Java. His mother is a housewife and his father is a baker who serves as an extraordinary figure for Fandi and his siblings.

Every day, Fandi’s father sells bread Belarus Mobile Number List and brings home an income of IDR 50,000. From Fandi’s father’s modest income, he managed to send his children to high school and Fandi was one of them.

After graduating from junior high school, following in the footsteps of his older siblings, Fandi continued to a higher level. However, Fandi chose to attend a vocational high school in the hope that he would be able to work and help his father immediately after graduation. Continuing college is something that has never been in Fandi’s future plans before. Finally, Fandi continued his studies at SMKN 1 Magelang, majoring in Computer Network Engineering (TKJ).

“While studying at SMK, I paid for my own education because I didn’t want to be a burden to you. I sell logo design services and English translation on freelancing platforms to earn income,” he said.

After graduating from SMK, another challenge

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Confronted Fandi. This requires him to be able to survive, grow, and learn to be more skilled in doing problem solving for various difficulties in his life.

The First Person in the Family to Go to College
Achmad Fandi Santoso and Family

After three years of studying at SMKN 1 Magelang, CRYP Email List finally, Fandi successfully graduated. Unfortunately, finding a job with only a vocational certificate and no special skills is difficult. This made Fandi become a casual worker for four years.

After experiencing the ups and downs as a freelancer with an erratic income, a member of Fandi’s extended family saw potential in him. He encouraged Fandi to continue his studies in higher education. At first, Fandi was not confident. However, Fandi’s success in getting tuition assistance from the Smart Indonesia Card made him determined to study at the Kudus State Islamic Institute (IAIN), majoring in Mathematics Education.

“Alhamdulillah, I became the first person in my family to continue my studies. Ladies and gentlemen hope that I can graduate soon because they want to see one of their children graduate,” said Fandi.

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