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In the digital era that continues to grow rapidly as it is today, the need for technological talent. Aways comes to the fore and becomes a hot topic of discussion. Of course, training programs are becoming increasingly important for individuals who we, Internship

and. Certified Independent Study (MSIB), Digital Talent Scholarship with the Ministry of Co n oanont deficit by 2025 and ensure that as many digital talents as possible are created t be successful and competitive in the world of the technology industry.

This perspective is not only

Reflected in various researches, but also from the desire of the. Government of Indonesia to reduce the 9 million talehrough various programs. This intensive training need prompted  to open camp intensive training program.

About D  Bootcamp
Di g Bootcamp is an intensive CFO Email List training program .This program helps individuals fill skills gaps and prepare for a future in the digital technology industry.

This training is designed with the aim of providing competence and relevant knowledge in technology. Comprehensive, structured and up-to-date Dicoding curriculum, equipped with practical assignments to increase participant understanding. The support of expert mentors with extensive industry experience will guide participants and provide.

Relevant practical insights and problem solving.

CFO Email List


In various intensive training programs, for example through the Rise program .With and the Ministry of Education and Culturn and Information . Creative Digital Talent Development with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative .Economy, ID at Ooredoo Hutchinson. DevOps and Back-End Developer Scholarship Program, DBS Foundation Coding Camp, as well as various training.   in partnership with the public and private sectors.

Bootcamp is the right step for those who CRYP Email List want to prepare themselves effectively in the digital technology industry so that they can become a competent workforce and contribute to technological progress. Now is the time for you to join, without any background restrictions.

Who can join this program?
Dicoding opens opportunities for the general public, preferably those under 35 years of age.

As an intensive program, this program cannot be followed in conjunction with other full-time training, learning, or employment programs. If you are currently in training. Iearning, or another full-time job, we recommend joining other Dicoding programs.


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