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Dicoding Bangun Negeri untuk Transformasi Developer Indonesia

Now all nations are moving towards the transformation of the digital world which is based on technological innovation in all walks of life. Therefore, Dicoding believes that technology education is the nation’s main foundation in order to be at the forefront of facing the transformation of the digital world.

This is supported based on data from World Bank research, that is to support digital transformation and economic growth. Indonesia needs 9 million or at least 600 thousand digital talents every year.

Therefore, since 2015 Dicoding has been present as a technology education platform that consistently helps produce global standard digital talent. In order to encourage the transformation of Indonesia to be at the forefront. One form of Dicoding is realized in the Dicoding Bangun Negeri program.

What is Country Building Dicoding


This program is designed to provide opportunities for individuals from various economic and educational backgrounds to obtain global industry-standard material in the field of technology, which is of course crucial in the era of globalization and the 4.0 industrial revolution.

This time, Dicoding is independently presenting various scholarship programs to intensive learning through the Dicoding Bootcamp program. The ultimate  CEO Email Lists goal is that Dicoding wants to continue to be involved in the transformation of young people who are competitive, have integrity, and have strong academic and non-academic competencies, so that they are ready to face the challenges of the complex world of work.

Dicoding Bangun Negeri is the right step for those who want to accelerate themselves into the field of digital technology so that they can become a competent workforce and contribute to technological progress. Now is the time for you to join and choose a program that suits your background.

Program Options
In the Dicoding Bangun Negeri program, there are 3 program options that you can choose from. Starting from the Dicoding Bootcamp to the Dicoding for University and Dicoding for School scholarships.

Coded Bootcamp
Coded Bootcamp
Coding Bootcamp Batch 1

This is an intensive learning


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Coded for School
Dicoding for School for digital transformation of Indonesian students
Coded for School Batch 1

This scholarship program is aimed at Indonesian CRYP Email List SMA/K students to improve digital literacy. Especially in the field of programming, in order to become reliable digital talent candidates in the future.

In this program, participants will study a variety of materials relevant to the industry in a self-paced learning manner. Learning will also take place with the support of the Discussion Forum feature in each class.

The Dicoding for School program is also free of charge, you know, so if you are an active SMA/K student, please register yourself on the following page.

Why do you have to join Dicoding Bangun Negeri?
No Fee Scholarship
In the Dicoding for University and Dicoding for School programs, you can take part in the classes provided for free. The only condition is that you are an active senior high school student or an active student at any tertiary institution in Indonesia.


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