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Belajar Membangun Integritas di SIB Dicoding Cycle 1

Becoming a woman who is independent and has integrity is something that Karlina Surya Witanto (23) aspires to. This woman who dreams of having a career in the IT field believes that her success can be achieved if she tries.

Therefore, in order for Karlina to become that kind of woman, she decided to prepare herself as best she could through the Dicoding Cycle 1 Certified Independent Study Program (SIB).

How was Karlina’s learning

journey while at SIB Dicoding Cycle 1? Let’s see the story.

Aspiring to Be a Woman of Independence and Integrity
Karlina, SIB Dicoding graduate who learns about integrity

Born in Gunung Kidul Regency Investors Email Lists and raised in Yogyakarta, Karlina is the third child of three siblings. She has two very supportive parents and hopes that her youngest daughter can become a woman who is independent, successful and has integrity. Coincidentally, Karlina’s parents’ hopes were in line with her dreams.

Since high school, being a technology talent has been part of Karlina’s aspirations. He thinks that technology will always develop from time to time. Almost all joints of life require the involvement of technology in it.

The importance of the presence

Investors Email Lists


of technology finally made Karlina conclude that job opportunities in this field would open very widely and give her a promising career.

Finally, after graduating from Santa Maria Yogyakarta High School, Karlina decided to continue her studies at Udayana University, majoring in Informatics Engineering. Being a student in the field of technology fuels Karlina’s enthusiasm to learn more.

“As a candidate for future digital talent, I feel that I must CRYP Email List learn knowledge that is relevant to industry needs. Therefore, I decided to study at one of the scholarship programs available at Dicoding in 2021,” he said.

Karlina’s participation in one of the scholarship programs available at Dicoding in 2021 led her to become acquainted with the SIB Dicoding Cycle 1 program afterwards.

Interested in Studying at SIB Coding Cycle 1
Having studied at Dicoding made Karlina familiar with the various courses and facilities on this platform. In addition, Karlina, who is still connected to the Dicoding ecosystem, also received information about SIB Dicoding Cycle 1 after graduating from the previous program.

At that time, Karlina saw that SIB Dicoding Cycle 1 had one learning path, namely Machine Learning & Front-End Developer. Machine learning technology, which at that time was quite popular, made Karlina interested in exploring it.

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