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Berlatih Membangun Integritas sambil Belajar

After officially becoming a participant in SIB Dicoding Cycle 1, Karlina faced a challenge. His assignment submission was rejected five times by the reviewer team.

This made Karlina understand that in carrying out assignments, she needed to understand the concept of a given case to be able to determine the right solution. Apart from that, in order to get a satisfactory submission score, he also needs to be more thorough in doing his job.

Karlina really learned

To build integrity while participating in SIB Dicoding Cycle 1, especially when working on submissions. The SIB Dicoding team ensures that the Chairman Email Lists tasks carried out by the participants are purely the result of the participants themselves to maintain the quality of program graduates.

Apart from dealing with rejection that helps Karlina build integrity, another challenge that Karlina needs to overcome is time. This is because Karlina underwent the SIB Dicoding program while studying. The application of good time management allowed Karlina to finally survive in this program and give her best while studying.

More Ready for a Career after

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Passing SIB Dicoding Cycle 1
Successfully facing various challenges while studying at SIB Dicoding Cycle 1, finally, Karlina graduated from this program. There are many things that Karlina admits that she gained from this training. One of them is the opportunity to be mentored. Directly by technology experts who inspired him to score the same success.

In addition, Karlina admits that the hard CRYP Email List skills obtained from SIB Dicoding Cycle 1 can support her to develop in terms of technical abilities. The soft skills taught also made him more career ready after graduating from SIB Dicoding and campus. In fact, Karlina shared that she used to be a shy person but now she is more confident after studying at SIB Dicoding.

Finally, after graduating, Karlina applied for work at various companies, one of which was Bank BCA, one of the leading private banks in Indonesia. Incidentally, at that time, the position being opened was IT Security Specialist. Karlina was pessimistic before applying.


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