Aspiring to Elevate Family Levels

In the Informatics Engineering study program, Nenti made her choice. His sincerity in studying technology is motivated by his findings on job prospects in this field.

According to Nanti, a digital talent has very broad job opportunities because various business sectors require the involvement of technology in it.

Apart from that Nanti

Also aspires to have a career in technology because she wants to be independent. He wants to one day replace the role of his parents Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists in supporting the family. There is nothing that Nanti wants more than to elevate her family.

In earnest, Nenti studied at UIN Sunan Gunung Djati. Entering the second semester, he was interested in studying website development. Unfortunately, his abilities were still not very developed because the theories discussed on campus were not very in-depth at that time. This prompted Nanti to start looking for learning resources outside the classroom.

Find Scholarship Program from DBS Foundation Coding Camp
Nanti who is excited when learning

As a digital talent candidate


Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists

Who feels compelled to prepare himself by studying a lot of knowledge, Nenti thought about studying on his own. However, according to him, independent learning tends to be less focused and not measurable. Therefore, Nanti thinks that taking online classes is a pretty good solution.

Unfortunately, Nenti’s economic limitations make him unable to pay for the online course fees. He also didn’t want to bother his parents who had enough trouble paying for his education and life in Bandung. This made Nenti try to find opportunities to study through scholarships.

Nenti’s search ended when one day, she CRYP Email List found information about the DBS Foundation Coding Camp on Dicoding’s Instagram. There, he saw the Back-End and DevOps study scholarships presented by DBS.

Knowing that the program is free, Nenti doesn’t think twice about registering. Finally, he was successfully accepted into the training program and is ready to give his best throughout the process.

Learn Technology and Time Management
Studying at the DBS Foundation Coding Camp makes Nenti feel a fun learning experience because the curriculum and materials are very focused. For Nanti, the material presented in this scholarship program is very easy to understand. The curriculum presented is designed for anyone who wants to start learning technology from scratch.

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