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Some people are fortunate because they were born into affluent families. However, there are also those who are luckier because they come from simple families, such as Nanti Nurnaningsih (21).

The owner of the nickname Nanti actually makes his family’s condition a source of enthusiasm to keep moving forward and developing. She wants to one day become a superior female digital talent so that she can make her parents proud and improve her family’s economy.

Therefore in order

Later he can be one step closer to his goals, he is studying in the DBS Foundation Coding Camp program. His enthusiasm for learning never goes away because he has the same passion as the theme of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia. Founder Email Lists this year. Nanti and her enthusiasm for learning want to keep going so she can become an advanced digital talent.

The spirit of the daughter of a construction worker who wants to become a digital talent
Later with his parents

In Indramayu Regency, Nanti lives with her small family. His father is a construction worker, while his mother is a housewife. Born as the last child of two siblings, Nanti became the last hope of her parents.

Although living very


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therefore, father and mother, who only graduated from elementary school, tried hard to save up for their daughter’s education e simple terms,   parents hoped that their youngest daughter could go to high school. By

This effort paid off when  CRYP Email List Nenti graduated from high school and her parents’ savings were collected. Nenti also had the opportunity to continue her studies at the State Islamic University (UIN) S  Bandung.

Nanti feels very grateful to be the first person from her family to receive an education in college. This made her determined to study seriously so she could become an independent woman.

Apart from that, being interested in studying technology has encouraged Nenti to be passionate about shaping himself into advanced digital talent.

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