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Dicoding Jobs Help Me Get My Dream Job

Being able to do a job you love and have a career in a dream company is certainly the dream of many people, including Ahmad Saifur Ridlo (25).

lementary school, while his mother graduated from junior high school. Even so, his parents hoped that his son could go to high school and get a promising job. In fact, seeing that Ridlo has a high interest in technology, Ridlo’s parents hope he can work “behind the computer.”

Acknowledge the expectations of his parents, Ridlo dared to start learnin

The owner of the nickname Ridlo has wanted to have a career in technology since studying at Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI), an Islamic elementary school in Sidoarjo.

However being born into a simple

family made Ridlo have to try twice as hard as most people to achieve his dream. As a hard worker, Ridlo did not give up under these conditions until he finally succeeded in arriving at his goal.

What was Ridlo’s journey CMO Email Lists like to get his dream job? Let’s read the full story!

Motivated by the Expectations of Both Parents
Ridlo is studying

Sidoarjo is the city where Ridlo was born and grew up. The man who has known the internet since wearing the white and red uniform is the son of a retired automotive component factory worker and a housewife. To finance Ridlo’s daily life and education, Ridlo’s parents opened a laundry business.

Ridlo’s father graduated from

C Level Executive List

eg all things related to computers in internet cafes. Afterwards, he will practice it on his personal computer which has limited specifications, namely a Pentium 4 with 265 MB of RAM.

His self-taught learning process CRYP Email List resulted in an antivirus that he made himself. Not wanting this interest to just become a hobby, Ridlo decided to continue his studies at a SMK majoring in Multimedia.

Starting to study in the Multimedia major made Ridlo realize that his choice of study did not seem to be as deep into programming as he had expected. Even so, Ridlo was introduced to the C++ programming language through a course. Since then, Ridlo believes that technology is an integral part of his future. He hopes to one day have a promising career in this field.

Had got a job at a printing shop to increase pocket money
Ridlo when he got a job at a printing shop

In order to be better prepared for a career in the world of technology, after graduating from Vocational High School, Ridlo continued his studies at Maarif Hasyim Latif University and chose the Informatics Engineering study program. During his university years, Ridlo took side jobs to earn pocket money. Armed with the knowledge he acquired during his vocational school, Ridlo tried to become a Graphic Designer at a printing shop called Sultan Smart Printing.



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