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Protect Your RESTful API from These 3 Attacks!

Security comes first! We often hear this expression when creating any kind of application. In the article Cyber Security: Definition, Types, and Threats, you already know how fatal it is if we underestimate security or security issues, especially since the applications you create contain sensitive data.

In this article, we will find out what attacks on security can occur in applications, especially RESTful APIs. Immediately secure your RESTful API from these three attacks, okay!

SQL Injection Attacks

One of the most vulnerable security attacks that occur in applications that utilize databases is SQL injection. The attack is carried CMO Email Lists out by exploiting manipulated input or payload to execute SQL processes illegally. Through SQL injection, attackers can bypass authentication, steal data, and manipulate data. How spooky, right?!

The following is an overview of SQL injection attacks that can bypass the authentication process. For example, say you have a query like the code sample below.

Const queryusers usernamusername

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ND password

Attackers will easily manipulate SQL by providing username and password values that can change SQL syntax.

The SQL is valid. If the database executes CRYP Email List it, it will return data users because OR “”=”” always results in a TRUE condition.

Preventive Steps from SQL Injection Attacks
This vulnerability can occur because the input or payload from the user is manipulated to change the SQL structure. That way, the preventive step that can be taken is to validate the input from the user before it is processed into the database.

Input validation can be done manually (sanitizing or escaping input) or best practice can use the Parameterized Query or Object Relational Mapping (ORM) features when building SQL to interact with the database.

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