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GPT 4 The Latest Artificial Intelligence

What happens if in the future GPT 4 The Latest artificial intelligence becomes more advanced ? If you have read articles on technology trends in 2022, surely you really understand how the technological developments that emerged in 2022 yesterday. One of them is the presence of artificial intelligence in the world of education which surprisingly simplifies the learning process and provides new experiences through solutive feedback , becoming a virtual mentor, automatic assessment , and presenting personalized learning .


What other technological developments will enliven 2023? Entering the 15th week of 2023, we are again surprised by the latest innovation from the field of AI: GPT-4 .

The presence of GPT-4 certainly shocked the world of technology. Even some technology industry players call the momentum of the release of GPT-4 as “the biggest week in AI” .

So, what are the latest technologies brought by GPT-4? What innovations does it offer its users? Let’s discuss together in this blog article.

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And directs artificial intelligence officially introduced its newest artificial intelligence (AI) language model , namely GPT-4.

After the success of its predecessor Finland Mobile Number List program, ChatGPT, OpenAI claims that GPT-4 is smarter than ChatGPT, which has become a mainstay for many users.

Basically, both GPT-4 and ChatGPT are a trained language model program in a conversational (dialog) format. Users can give various GPT 4 The Latest commands and get responses as if they were talking to fellow humans. How cool!

The latest advantage of GPT-4
Although OpenAI has warned that the differences between GPT-4 and its predecessors are “not very noticeable” in ordinary conversation, the GPT-4 system brings many new breakthroughs. So, what capabilities does GPT-4 have compared to its predecessors? Check out the advantages over ChatGPT below.

Image detection capability

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Not only as a language model , OpenAI defines GPT-4 as a multimodal model. This is thanks to its ability to detect and describe data in images, not just text like in ChatGPT.
Example of technological developments in AI: GPT-4
Illustration of the capabilities of GPT-4 which can explain an image and provide solutions to the commands given. (Source: The New York Times).
Generating the programming code
At the time of its release, OpenAI CRYP Email List showed a short demo of how GPT-4 can create a code for a website based on a hand-drawn sketch. In the healthcare field, OpenAI is working with startup Be My Eyes, leveraging object recognition to help users with vision problems.

Better use of language
In addition to presenting better programming code, OpenAI also says that GPT-4 has a better advantage in carrying out instructions that require creativity or advanced reasoning.
Can process more text
AI language models are always limited by the amount of text that can be stored in short-term memory. However, OpenAI drastically extends this capability for GPT-4. The maximum number of tokens that can be used in GPT-3.5 is around 3,000 to 4,000 words.
However, GPT-4 can process around 32,000 tokens which OpenAI says is capable of generating around 25,000 words. This of course makes GPT-4 able to respond to detailed instructions for even the most unique scenarios.

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