The Ability of IDCamp Helped Me to Advance a Career

The Story of Nadia Ramadhani, A Graduate of Sriwijaya State Polytechnic Who Gained the Ability to Build a Career from the 2022 IDCamp Scholarship Program

“Never give up if you still want to try. Don’t let regrets come because you are one step away from winning.” (RA Kartini)

The courage to try and learn new things will usually make us individuals with extraordinary abilities to achieve whatever we want. This is also believed by Nadia Ramadhani (21), a girl from Palembang, South Sumatra, who is trying to cross over from her study program from the field of language to the world of technology.

If at that time Nadia did not dare to

Leave her comfort zone, she would not be able to develop as she is now and work for a coal mining company. How was Nadia’s journey to push her limits with the 2022 IDCamp Scholarship Program ? Read the story below!

The pandemic closed Nadia’s opportunity to work
Nadia is looking for a job Denmark Mobile Number List opportunity after graduating from college

Nadia is the second child of three siblings, who has the figure of a pair of extraordinary parents. His father was a rubber farmer who used to farm vegetables, while his mother was a breakfast food seller.

Born from a simple family, Nadia has both parents who are very supportive of whatever her goals are. Both of her parents wanted Nadia to go to high school, study a lot, and want to continue to develop her own abilities so that she could become a useful person for those around her. He holds this hope of his parents to this day.

Before plunging into the world of technology

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Nadia was a student at the Sriwijaya State Polytechnic, majoring in English in the fields of hospitality and tourism. Not wanting to burden her parents, Nadia managed to get a full scholarship from PT Bukit Asam Tbk. The scholarship awarding company is CRYP Email List engaged in coal mining and is based in South Sumatra. This made Nadia’s parents proud of their daughter’s achievements.

Unfortunately, Nadia was faced with a challenge when she graduated and a pandemic hit the country. Many business sectors were affected by this outbreak, especially in the hotel sector, a field where Nadia could have a career.

“Many hospitality businesses closed at that time. In fact, I can’t even do an internship because they are so affected by the pandemic. I also thought that I should start honing other skills to be able to expand job opportunities, “said Nadia.

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