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Hard Work Made Me Become an Android Developer

Being optimistic that consistency and persistence can lead him to the success he dreams of is something that Guna Dermawan (23) believes in. Born and raised in a small village in Tegal Regency did not necessarily make Guna give up on his dreams. Guna has had the dream of becoming a technology talent since he was in fourth grade.

Now, after having gone through a long process of learning and hard work , he has succeeded in reaching his goal, which is to become an Android Developer . How did Dicoding’s Certified Independent Study (SIB) program contribute to the success of the Guna?

Hard Work to Learn Android to Sacrifice Personal Cellphones
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Guna’s journey in the world

of technology began when he was still in grade 4 of elementary school. Like most children born in 2000, Guna is very familiar with internet cafes (warnet). His skill in operating a computer in an internet cafe makes him have a special interest in tinkering with this hardware device. While other elementary school children preferred playing games like PlayStation, Guna fell in love with computers.

Over time, Guna’s interest in technology  VP Quality Email Lists is getting stronger when he starts wearing a white and blue uniform. When moving to grade 2 junior high school, Guna became acquainted with Android. Guna’s seriousness in studying this operating system made him even join a technology community on Facebook that explored the world of Android a lot.

Getting acquainted with Android made Guna make his cellphone a “guinea pig.” Utilizes the learning method “ learning by doing ,” in order to carry out various experiments on his cell phone.

“I even had time to change cell phones many times to explore the Android operating system.”

Over time, when Guna has graduated from high school, he realizes that technology is an inseparable part of him. He feels his future lies in this field and he must continue his studies to a relevant study program. Finally, Guna chose to study at Dian Nuswantoro University, Informatics Engineering study program.

In order to take part in the Dicoding event


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When Guna’s days as an informatics engineering student began, he faced new challenges. One of the tests he has to face is the condition of his old laptop, which “exhausts” every time he tries to run Android Studio. However, this obstacle did not necessarily make Guna give up. Instead, he is much more eager to learn so he can become a work-ready digital talent in the future.

Another challenge came to Guna when the CRYP Email List pandemic hit in 2020. He was hit hard because he could not attend the classes he had been waiting for since he was a freshman offline, namely the OOP Programming and Introduction to Mobile Programming courses . Attending these two classes remotely made Guna feel that his learning would not be optimal. Therefore, he felt he had to add to his knowledge by taking part in learning programs outside the classroom.

Finally, the Merdeka Campus program began to be implemented in 2021. It was this program that brought Guna together with SIB Dicoding Cycle 1. Since long ago, studying in the Android Developer stream at Dicoding was Guna’s dream. This made him not think twice about registering as a participant in the SIB Dicoding Cycle 1 program when the registration period opened.

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