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One was fun but ne more prompting. Side Note How to Build Everybody wants to compare search to AI… …but there is really no comparison. Generative AI can produce new information. Search Google for 10 new gluten free cupcake recipes bas on My Little Pony Characters. …you’ll find nothing. Because that information doesn’t exist today. Prompt ChatGPT for 10 new gluten free cupcake

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My Little Pony Characters. …you’ll be amaz at the detail creativity and deliciousness! Check them out here. Similarly Google Images searches for images that exist. But an AI image generator creates new images that do not exist. Midjourney b2b leads prompt “cupcakes bas on Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony character” Got any other data for Advanc Data Analysis to munch on? If you’re not squeamish about uploading data to an AI you might have all kinds of data that it can help analyze. Give it sales pipeline data. Ask AI to prict future growth.

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b2b leads

Performance data. Ask AI how to optimize your spend. Give it CRM data. Ask AI to find correlations between opportunities and clos deals. The opportunities are endless and Cryp Email List exciting. It’s a fun time to export spreadsheets. Andy Crestodina CoFounder / Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Mia Andy Crestodina is the cofounder and CMO of Orbit Mia. He’s an international toprat keynote speaker and the author of Content Chemistry The Illustrat Guide to Content Marketing. You can find Andy on LinkInOpens a new window and

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