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HowAsk the AI to recommend new Measure and topics bas on the data Technically Google Analytics can do everything we’ve done so far. You can type in complete questions and it will try to generate a report with the answer. But there are huge differences. ChatGPT with Advanc Data Analysis (and other generative AIs) can create new answers that aren’t in the dataset we provid. So our next prompt is to ask it

For new content

Ideas bas on the GA4 data. Here’s my third prompt “Suggest 10 new topics that are not in this dataset. Divide them into two groups good for social and good for search.” Not impress with the output? Remember b2b email list you’re only three prompts deep into this AIpower analysis experiment. My most successful ChatGPT experiments involve 10+ prompts. Here are some ideas for more prompting fun Which articles did very well on social but terribly in search? Which past articles had high above average engagement but far below

Average traffic

b2b email list

Of the articles that did the best in social mia what did their titles have in common? I want to understand the differences in the titles between the articles that work well in search and Cryp Email List social. What prompts are most likely to help me find these insights? Create a new metric that blends traffic and engagement call “Awesomeness” and show the top 5 articles for that new metric in two groups social and search That last

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