Ikut DBS Bantu Saya Lebih Berdaya dalam Mengajar

The story of Agus Fajar Hardeka, a teacher at SMK Panca Bhakti Assembles who are more empowered in teaching after participating in the DBS Foundation Coding Camp

“The mediocre teacher told. Good teachers explain. Great teacher shows. An incredibly inspiring teacher.”
(William A. Ward, American Author)

The young man who is usually called Fajar is a graduate of STIMIK Tunas Bangsa Banjarnegara. Now, Fajar works as a Computer Network and Telecommunications Engineering Teacher (TJKT) at Panca Bhakti Rakit Vocational School. In addition, he also became an Assistant Lecturer at the college where he studied. The reason Fajar is passionate about teaching is quite simple.

Like other inspirational figures,

Fajar wants to be able to go to high school to make his parents proud and become a useful human being by spreading the knowledge he has. With the DBS Foundation Coding Camp, Fajar is one step closer to his goal.

This is the story of Fajar’s learning journey in achieving his dreams!

Delayed Lectures
Simplicity has been Fajar’s best friend Portugal Mobile Number List since childhood. This second child of three siblings was raised by a housewife and a father who worked as a construction worker. The work that his father was engaged in succeeded in getting Fajar and his two siblings to study up to high school.

Since junior high school, Fajar has been interested in pursuing the world of technology. Then, he decided to continue his studies at a vocational high school (SMK) and majored in Computer Network Engineering (TKJ). Actually, Fajar aspires to go to college after graduating from Vocational High School. However, the family’s economic condition forced Fajar to take a break when he received his SMK certificate.

“Graduating from SMK, my friends

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went on to college, while I took a break. During this gap, I worked at Wanadadi 2 Middle School as a Computer Technician. My job at school is to manage a computer laboratory,” said Fajar.

After working for a year at SMPN 2 Wanadadi, Fajar managed to raise money to continue his studies at university. Unexpectedly, Fajar’s hard work resulted in more than just an opportunity to continue his studies.

Study While Working
Fajar finally chose STIMIK Tunas Bangsa CRYP Email List Banjarnegara as his high school of choice. He chose this college because it was located not far from his house so he could save costs.

We certainly agree that teaching is a very noble profession. His dedication to educating many people makes anyone who plays this role deserve to be appreciated, and Agus Fajar Hardeka (24), a teacher from Banjarnegara, Central Java, is no exception.

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