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Rise Up to Pursue Career Opportunities in the World of Technology

The story of Muhammad Randy Pratama, a 2022 Rise Graduate from Indraprasta PGRI University who Was Once a Copier Operator and Rises Up to Pursue Career Opportunities in the World of Technology

“Most of the great things in the world are thought to be impossible until they are actually done.” (Louis D. Brandeis, United States Attorney)

When the moment of graduation arrives, many high school graduates begin to get busy preparing for the process of enrolling in college. Unfortunately, Muhammad Randy Pratama (25) is one of the few students who doesn’t have the opportunity to attend college. Living only with his aunt in a simple family made Randy have to forget his dream of going to a university.

However, Randy had something

That very few people have, and that was patience. It is an inseparable part of his life since childhood. Instead of questioning how the world could be quite unfair to him, Randy was determined to never give up for his future. He believed Greece Mobile Number List that one day, he would become the tech talent he always dreamed of, even if it wasn’t then.

“Patience” is Randy’s Best Friend Since Childhood

Born in 1996, Randy is the first of five children. Unfortunately, the complicated situation that Randy’s family is experiencing makes him have to live with his aunt in Jakarta. Therefore, Randy already considers his aunt who has raised him since childhood as his own mother. Living separately from his biological parents made Randy learn a lot about patience and resilience from an early age.

As Randy grew up, he became a person

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Who is more resilient in facing various difficulties in life. When most of his friends started to get preoccupied with college registration activities, Randy had to be patient because the college opportunity had not yet arrived for him. After graduating from high school, Randy had to work and save first because he didn’t want to be a burden to his aunt.

When his friends started busy doing various CRYP Email List college assignments, Randy started his new life by becoming a copier and internet cafe operator. From morning to evening, Randy is responsible for copying documents, selling office stationery, and maintaining an internet cafe. Randy’s income helps him to survive and save for his future.

While living these two roles, Randy was looking for a college that would suit him as a worker. Finally, after two years of searching, Randy decided to pursue his dream at Indraprasta University PGRI and chose to major in Informatics Engineering.

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