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Learn from Failure to Achieve More

The story of Ridian Putra, a Compose Champion Graduate who Achieved Many Achievements after  ogyakarta, Rian ventured to take part in various competitions in the field of Software Engineering (RPL), even though he was not a student from that department. Again, Rian’s perseverance led him to become the second winner in a provincial level web development and design competition.

Achievement after achievement Learn from Failure to Achieve More Rian achieved before finally he began to get acquainted with failure when he entered college

How many of us view failure as a driving force to achieve more in the future? This bitter thing is certainly quite difficult to accept and it often makes us afraid to try again . However, Ridian Putra (23) has extraordinary resilience to face various failures in his life.

He sees failure as part of a very long life process. Not infrequently, he also considers failure to be the best learning medium for him to achieve many achievements in the future. This is the story of Ridian Putra who managed to jump higher after falling down many times.

Learn Perseverance from the Father

Born and raised in Semarang, the owner of the nickname “Rian” is an only child. He has lived alone with his father in Bangka Belitung Learn from Failure to Achieve More since he was in junior high school. The father, who Rian usually calls “Babe”, is a role model for him. From Babe, Rian learned a lot about patience and persistence.

“Babe is a day laborer in a home industry  Ukraine Mobile Number List that produces brown sugar. He never demanded anything from Rian other than being a child who is useful for many people and being a good human being,” he said.

Babe’s unconditional love is the main factor that makes Rian always confident in being himself and pursuing whatever passion he has. Rian’s journey in finding this passion began when he was in junior high school. At that time, Rian’s interest in the world of graphic design grew because of his passion for playing games .

To support his son’s interests, Babe saves up so he can buy a netbook for Rian. Babe’s full support for him made Rian study seriously, graduate from junior high school, and continue his studies at SMKN 1 Sungailiat, Bangka Belitung, majoring in Computer Network Engineering (TKJ). This is where the dynamics of seeking Rian’s interest begins.

Endless Interest SearchRian joins the competition

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The TKJ major that Rian chose at SMK was motivated by his interest in starting to learn about cyber security , networking , etc. However, before class XI, Rian, who likes to learn new things, decided to take part in a competition for students majoring in Multimedia. His perseverance made Rian manage to come out victorious.

Rian’s achievements in this competition CRYP Email List motivated him to move from the TKJ major to the Multimedia major. The school granted Rian’s request because of the brilliant achievements he had achieved even though he had to negotiate with the Education Office first.

Starting to study in the Multimedia major did not necessarily make Rian anchored in that field. His interest shift again occurred when Rian had to migrate to Yogyakarta to do practical work at CV SIC (IT Center Yogyakarta) for approximately 3-4 months.

While doing practical work, at first, Rian was responsible for creating animations and working on various visual projects for clients. However, Rian’s boss saw another potential in him.

Rian’s boss encouraged Rian to start learning coding and various things related to web development. This is what made Rian familiar with the world of coding .

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