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What is Technology Check out the definitions and benefits below

veryday, you often hear or read the word technology . Actually, do What is Technology CheckĀ  you understand him? So, if you want to know more about this, let’s take a look at the following article.

Definition of Technology
Before knowing the meaning What is Technology in more detail, of course you have to know its origins first. Etymologically, technology comes from the Greek, namely from the word techne which means art, craft or skill; and logos which means science or study.

So, if taken literally, technology is a study or science of an art, craft, or a particular skill. However, experts conclude based on their respective views as follows.

Reading Dictionary

According to Berniker echnology is a knowledge

And in it there are methods, art, and ways of working to build the world.
Technology according to Seattler (2004) is systematic practical knowledge to increase the production of goods and services and is manifested What is Technology in productive, organizational, or mechanical capabilities, based on scientific research and/or theory.
Based on the opinion of Siemens and Tittenberger (2009), technology is a way of realizing thoughts by designing equipment (which makes life easier).
From some of the definitions above, it can Poland Mobile Number List be concluded that technology is a set of systems or methods using science to produce something (product or equipment).

Technology Benefits
Well, we already know the various meanings. Furthermore, What is Technology CheckĀ  what are the benefits resulting from the existence of technology? You can listen to the benefits as follows.

Making Work More Effective and Efficient
Technology has developed since humans first lived on earth. In prehistoric times, humans created various tools in order to meet their needs. For example, axes and daggers used for hunting animals.

This discovery certainly facilitates human work in processing food so that it can survive. Along with the development of the times, humans also continue to learn and try to create something to make various jobs easier.

This development is shown by the existence

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Of various human inventions that make work more effective and efficient. One of them is a computer , this tool can help humans to process various information.

ENIAC, the World’s First Digital Computer
ENIAC , the World’s First Computer CRYP Email List by the University of Pennsylvania

In addition, there are many other inventions, ranging from machines to help humans create things in a shorter time; money to facilitate exchange of goods and make their value more measurable; to the vehicle to facilitate movement.

Producing Something Useful
In line with the above objectives, technology exists to produce useful products. Various goods are created with a purpose that is useful for human civilization. For example, medicines so that people recover from disease.

In addition, the resulting product is not always a physical object. In fact, there are many other inventions that have benefits and impacts on human life, but their form is not visible.

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