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Learning Can’t Stop For A Tech Talent

Stopping learning is something that a technology talent should never do. Yahya Hafidz (26) agrees with this statement. Exponentially developing technology encourages the experts involved in it to see the learning process as something that needs to last a lifetime. To become such a digital talent, Yahya equips himself with the knowledge he has acquired from campus and various learning platforms outside the campus.

Behind his persistence in learning and sincerity in working, Yahya has a special condition that he uses as a trigger so that he wants to continue to improve himself. What’s that?

Young People with Hearing Loss Interested in Learning Technology
Yahya is a young man from Wonogiri who was born with an unusual condition. One of his ears is disabled so he can only hear with one ear. This presents a challenge for Yahya when he has to communicate directly with other people.

Sometimes I have to ask the other

person to speak repeatedly so I can understand what he means.”

Despite his special condition, Yahya grew up like other children without hearing loss. As a child, his hobbies were playing games and fiddling with computers. His interest in hardware is what made Yahya fall in love with technology.

Not just falling in love, Yahya aspires VP Engineering Email Lists to have a career in this field one day. Therefore, after high school, Yahya decided to continue his studies at a private university in Yogyakarta, majoring in Information Systems.

Studying in this study program sparked Yahya’s curiosity. This makes him want to acquire more knowledge because his interest in learning never ends. Therefore, to fulfill his desire to always learn new things, Yahya often attends various free online technology training programs. He really wants to be a digital talent with knowledge that is always updated.

But apparently, Yahya’s motivation to continue learning was more than that.

Learn Technology To Become Someone Useful

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Yahya’s passion for learning is not only his dream of becoming a technological talent. His special conditions also play a role that is no less important.

“My special condition encourages me to study hard. I want the advantages that I have in the world of technology to shape me into a more useful human being and that can cover my special condition.”

After three and a half years of studying at CRYP Email List the college and starting his time to write his thesis, Yahya started looking for work. He applied for various vacancies available in many companies. Yahya went through many failures when sending his resume to many places. But one day, good news came from Privy, a company that provided the first official digital signature facility in Indonesia.

At that time, Yahya had the opportunity to undergo the recruitment process as a Quality Assurance Engineer Intern. Finally, Yahya’s hard work and study results both inside and outside the campus made him successful to be a part of this company.

Special conditions did not prevent Yahya from continuing to learn and improve himself
As an Intern Quality Assurance Engineer, Yahya is tasked with exploring Front-End and API testing . Although he managed to carry out his duties well, he had to face new challenges in the office.

Apparently, not everyone is aware of Yahya’s hearing loss and this has made it difficult for him to communicate. Sometimes, Yahya has difficulty listening to what he has to listen to in a meeting . To overcome this, Yahya uses his cell phone to record ongoing meeting activities. Later, Yahya will listen back to the recording of the meeting he made.

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