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Introduce, Object Oriented Programming

Often the topic of discussion about this relates to the real world. The relation in question is an object. Some objects that we can model, such as humans, animals, cars, houses, and so on. There are lots of cars in this world based on their characteristics. There are cars that are red, white, black, and blue; has a unique identity number such as frame number, police number, variant name, and logo; using gasoline, diesel and electricity fuels; as well as various other characteristics. In addition, some objects have their own abilities. For cars, it can go forward, backward, and brake.

For example, we want to make

two cars because a client has requested it, namely Budi and Tini. In programming languages, we can make it easily using object literals like this.

We are sure that you can do the above VP Risk Email Lists very easily too. What if there are 100 clients requesting 1000 cars? Of course very inconvenient and tiring, right? Even if you haven’t started work, you’re already experiencing high stress and pressure.

Therefore, there is a concept called class and object in programming languages. There are tons of programming languages that support this paradigm. For example, JavaScript, Python, C, Java, C# (pronounced: Si Sarp), etc. This time, we will deepen the concept of PBO/OOP with the JavaScript language.

You should be familiar with


VP Risk Email Lists


JavaScript, right? Who doesn’t know him for his highest popularity over the years.

The results of the 2023 stackoverflow developer survey regarding programming language rankings

Based on a survey from the 2023 Stack Overflow CRYP Email List Developer Survey, the programming language that always sits on the first podium based on the number of surveys is JavaScript. However, it is not necessary to always use JavaScript to learn the OOP paradigm. You can use any language that supports this paradigm.

Right away, let’s start the review!

Objects and Classes
We have learned that the OOP paradigm is always associated with objects in the real world. We have seen that all cars have certain characteristics. To make many cars is also very difficult if done manually. Therefore, we need a class.

Class acts like a blueprint. If taken from the Cambridge Dictionary in interpreting English terms, a blueprint is an initial plan or design that explains how something can be achieved. A large number of the same object can be formed based on the defined blueprint.



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