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Regular check ins will help you understand how well you’re meeting your goals. It will also serve as an early warning system when things start to change. You can then adapt your strategy appropriately. It’s also a good idea to have a regular schule for reporting on your progress. The reporting schule should align with the timeframes in the goals you set. For example. If your goals have a monthly timeline. Monthly reports are clearly the best reporting option. But the primary stakeholder should likely check in more often to ensure things are on track. A weekly or even daily look at your overview reports gives you the best chance to respond to emerging wins and challenges in real time.

Decide Where Your Policy Will Live

A social metrics dashboard displays all of your metrics in one place. You can quickly see what’s working and what’s not. It’s taking that next step of putting your findings into action that’s the real benefit of solid social reporting. For example. Say your social posts are getting a lot of engagement but not many clicks.

You might want to focus on creating more business database shareable content. Or. Say you notice that your audience is most engage during certain times of day. You can adjust your posting schule accordingly. Say you see that social sentiment is trending downward. Or maybe your competitors are suddenly outperforming you. It’s time to do some strategic

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Planning and analysis to uncover the source of the problem before it gets out of hand. When you understand your social metrics. You can use that data to create deep insights. You can then shape your marketing strategy to increase conversion rate and fill the sales funnel. A social marketing dashboard should make sharing your results with stakeholders easy.

Reporting proves the roi of your social efforts and helps CRYP Email List make a case for further resourcing. Reporting is also important for team learning. Whether things are going right or wrong. Choose a social reporting dashboard that lets you generate custom reports. Bonus points if you can add schule reports to send automatically at the intervals best suit to your social goals.

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