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To join or not to join forces: the future of MSPs

In recent years, Merger & Acquisition (M&A) operations in the IT channel have skyrocket. Experts prict that the manag IT services market will reach $329.1 billion by 2025 . underscoring an industry experiencing strong growth and consolidation . In 2019, more than two-thirds of MSPs consider being acquir . by larger companies, and 20% of companies consider incorporating . an MSP into their business. The Covid-19 pandemic has not.  chang this trend and, even if forecasts have dropp timidly to 10%,.  small-mium MSPs remain open to these new opportunities . The increase in M&A transactions is unprecent, what does this mean for an MSP’s business? According to a recent survey by IT Glue , 53% of the 501 companies on the 2018 “ Chann el Futures MSP 501

The increase in M&A transactions

There are several reasons behind these agreements. Baby boomers are retiring channel e2e report that.  Thousands of so-call baby boomers are new data thinking.  Of abandoning their businesses and cashing out the equity in their business. Customers prefer a one-stop shop “one-stop-shop” . There is no denying that manag security services and it services should be combin . This offer is more convenient for a consumer looking for a complete service and.  At the same time, represents a limitation for those . Msps who decide not to offer all the services request by their customers.  Which could push them to abandon them for a “One-stop” competitor . Stop-shop ”. 

Customers prefer a one-stop shop “One-stop-shop”

Don’t care about it trends being too focus on growing your business.  Or having limit capital can lead you to lose sight of innovation .  New technologies and more advanc training for your team. Customers who continue to grow their business CRYP Email List are essentially asking for newer  solutions. Few funds smaller msps have fewer economic resources.  With greater funds it is possible to provide more services , of higher quality.  And to a larger customer base. Remote, remote, remote it is likely that acquisition activity has skyrocket.  Because the world no longer.  Has a great ne for physically present suppliers locat in close proximity.  To corporate headquarters. Msps who choose to join other companies have greater resources.  And can effectively follow even customers who are not “Around the corner”. Improve entrepreneurial skills 

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