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Start designing your chatbot with the Chatbot Design

Start designing your chatbot with the Chatbot Design Canvas tool by Victor Campuzano | 13 Sep 2017 | Growth Tools | 15 Comments In the mornings, after breakfast (coffee, juice, toast and cookies), Marina and I would go out to do some shopping while mommy enjoyed “her moment.” Mine came in the afternoon when I went swimming. That morning we decided to walk to the supermarket, which was no more than 500 meters away. Bread, petit suise, eggs and some fried potatoes was the list scribbled on an envelope memo and “don’t forget the towel” was the song that father and daughter hummed from their shoulders… Mami looked out from the balcony and shouted something. I just understood you.

That Canvas

That? Canvas? Go to the supermarket! ? ? OK. Very bad. I know. It is what it is, I am more aware of Apple’s Keynote than of my cat harassing the neighbor’s dog like “you bark but you don’t get here as a fool.” And the other one gives you something… Something must have smoked. Oops. My mother. What a mess! Hey that… Hello! How’s everything going there? Good? For sure yes. You already know. Click for the comments and tell me. But not before reading this short top industry data and quick post that I bring. A summary? Lately I have been studying conversational interfaces and chatbot design. From reading and reading, I came across this post where they

propose a Canvas

propose a Canvas for the strategic design of bots . Ta in English so you stay and that’s it. The Canvas, in true Xtensio style , brings together on a sheet of paper the answers to 12 key questions that we must take into account before starting to write code or configure CRYP Emai Llis responses in a visual editor . I tell it to you my way and so I tell you, with an excuse, that I am making progress on this issue. You fancy? So let’s go! [piopialo vcboxed=»1″]Canvas! Go buy the bread! Discover the Chatbot Design Canvas.[/piopialo] table of Contents What is the Chatbot Design Canvas and what is it for? The strategic vision of the Chatbot Design Canvas Guide to creating the Chatbot Design

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