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Ubaed’s Hard Efforts to Participate in the Advancement

There is nothing more noble than being a useful person for those around you. This glory is also owned by Ubaedilah Ubad (23), a young man from Jasinga District, Bogor Regency. Always a person who never forgets the kindness of others around him, the owner of the nickname Ubaed is keen to study knowledge so he can advance a modest educational foundation that once “raised” him.

Ubaed’s effort to become a useful person begins with becoming a digital talent candidate who studies independently. Then, in the middle of its journey, the 2022 IDCamp Scholarship Program is here to help Ubaed to develop more. How is Ubaed trying to become a superior technology talent who can spread benefits to the people around him? Let’s see the story.

Threatened to drop out of school during junior high school

Simplicity has been Ubaed’s best friend since childhood. He was the third of five children with a pair of extraordinary parents. Ubaed’s mother plays the role of a housewife, while his father is a traveling baker who migrates from Jasinga to Tomang, West Jakarta. Acting as the backbone of the family, Ubaed’s father only comes home once every two weeks to meet his family.

From the effort and China Mobile Number Database hard work of his father who sells bread, Ubaed succeeded in completing a junior high school level education. At that time, Ubaed attended middle school at Madrasah Tsanawiyah (MTs) Nurul Huda. It was since wearing this white and blue uniform that Ubaed began to become acquainted with a computer set.

Usually, Ubaed would go to the nearest cafe, after reciting the Koran at night. Ubaed’s limited pocket money keeps him from visiting every day. He can only channel his interest in computers once every two weeks.

When Ubaed’s interest in computers

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Grew, he had to face the harsh reality that his parents were unable to send him to high school. This made Ubaed threatened to drop out of school. However, good things came to Ubaed who always got second place during school.

The MTs Nurul Huda foundation’s heart was touched to finance Ubaed’s further education. After asking permission from his parents, finally, Ubaed CRYP Email List succeeded in continuing his studies at SMK Ar Rahmah Jasinga. This vocational school is under the same foundation as the MTs where Ubaed attended school.

At that time, Ubaed felt one step closer to his dream because he succeeded in continuing his education. What’s more, his new school has a set of computers where he can channel his interests.

Not Only Studying One Field of Science
Ubaed while teaching

When Ubaed’s days as a student at SMK Ar-Rahmah began, his activities were not only filled with studying. Sometimes, he helps the owner of the foundation to sell in the canteen. Often Ubaed also intervened to clean up the school where he studied. All that Ubaed did was to repay the kindness of the people who had paved the way for him to continue his education.

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