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Worked at a “Big 4” Company After Graduated from Rise


Many of us are determined to achieve great things in life in order to gain recognition from those around us. Unfortunately, external motivation like this often doesn’t last very long. Why? This is because we do not have an encouraging factor that comes from within.

I Putu Cahya Adi Ganesha (22), Informatics Engineering student from Gunadarma University, believes that encouragement that comes “from within” is much stronger than factors that come “from outside.” Cahya’s tenacity to reach his goals is the same  , a graduate of the scholarship program at Dicoding. Therefore, to pursue various opportunities in his life, Cahya always sticks to the commitments he made to himself.

When one day Cahya became interested in studying IT and found that working at a well-known technology company was something he wanted for the future, he made a commitment to himself to pursue this dream. This is the story of Cahya and his determination to achieve his goals.

A World, Where Educational Background and Institutions Don’t Matter So Much

Born and raised in Karawang, Cahya has been interested in technology since childhood. His interest was born from his habit of fiddling with laptops. As time goes by, Cahya realizes that the world of technology is something that needs to be a part of his future. He got this finding after comparing the various study programs he needed to choose after graduating from high school.

“Out of almost all existing college Pakistan Mobile Number List majors, I chose the Informatics Engineering study program because jobs in the IT sector have very broad opportunities. In addition, in the world of technology, educational background and institutions do not play as important a role as proven skills and capabilities that are relevant to industry needs.”

Finally, after graduating from high school, Cahya continued his studies at Gunadarma University, majoring in Informatics Engineering.

When asked about the best part of studying at Bangkit, Cahya said that his favorite part was when he had to work on the final capstone project . At that time, Cahya was involved in a product-based final project. Together with his team, he developed an application that can ensure the safety of users on the road. The application that Cahya has developed can recommend users to choose the path with the lowest crime rate.

Worked Hard to Develop Its Own Curriculum

When Cahya’s life as an Informatics Engineering student began, he learned a lot about technology. Unfortunately, Cahya received more theory than the opportunity to practice. He knows that theory alone is not enough to make him a reliable tech talent. This motivated Cahya to develop his own curriculum.

After the curriculum was formed, Cahya studied CRYP Email List from various platforms. In the middle of his learning process, he met   and saw that this program was initiated by Google and supported by big technology companies such as GoTo and Traveloka. This made Cahya interested in getting to know Bangkit further. At the end of his search, finally, Cahya found that Rise could equip him with abilities that could make him a talent ready to work.

Cahya’s commitment to pursuing his dream career in the world of technology prompted him to enroll in Bangkit. Of the three existing learning paths, he chose  because of his interest in implementing systems related to infrastructure and software architecture. In addition, Cahya thinks that learning Cloud Computing can help him understand aspects of technology as a whole. This made Cahya excited to give his best when he was accepted at Bangkit 2022.

Overall, Cahya’s learning experience at Bangkit was enjoyable because what he got in this program met his expectations. The presence of ILT classes, technology materials, soft skills training , and English sessions colored Cahya’s 900 study hours.


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