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Hobby Chatting Come on Peel Through the Secrets of Whatsapp Web

Come on, admit it! Did you come here because your hobby is chatting or you want to know the technology behind WhatsApp Web ? hihi .

Try … how long have you been using WhatsApp? a year? Two years? Or even from the first WhatsApp release?

Eits , wait a minute!

Do you know when WhatsApp was released? For your information, here, yes. It turns out that WhatsApp was released 14 years ago, you know! February 24, 2009 to be exact and six years later WhatsApp expanded and can be accessed through the website on January 21, 2015. Well, it’s been more or less eight years, ya , the length of WhatsApp Web’s existence.

As we know, using WhatsApp Web is very easy, as shown in the image below.

You only need to scan the barcode

That appears on the WhatsApp website using your cellphone so you can connect to WhatsApp on your computer screen. In no time, you will immediately be able to use WhatsApp Web.

However, do you know exactly how WhatsApp Web technology works? Come on, let’s look at the explanation below.

Prior to discussing the technology that Netherlands Mobile Number List supports WhatsApp Web, it should be underlined that the WhatsApp architecture consists of the WhatsApp Server Architecture and the WhatsApp Client Architecture.

WhatsApp Server Architecture consists of two categories, namely front-end servers and back-end servers. The front-end server handles user authentication, message encryption, and message routing. Back-end servers store user data, including chat history, media files and profile information.

Come on , admit it! Who has ever checked old chats for flashbacks? hihihi. So, these messages are definitely stored on the back-end server, right?

Then, the WhatsApp Client Architecture

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Divided into several components including the user interface , network layer , encryption layer , and message delivery layer .

These servers certainly have their respective functions and uses. One of them is the user interface.

The user interface or user interface is CRYP Email List responsible for displaying application features and providing users with an intuitive interface to interact with the application. So, in this discussion, you will recognize various technologies that help display or user interface on WhatsApp Web.

Basically behind the technology the WhatsApp Web user interface is built using a combination of technologies, one of which uses React .

React can design simple views for every level in the application. So, React can be used to create and develop web-based applications.

As you can see in the pictures above, the view was built with the help of React. React is a JavaScript library that is used in the dynamic web application development process.

Apart from that there are also other technologies used in developing the user interface on WhatsApp Web as follows.

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