How Can I Find Out How People Discover My Website and Keep Them Coming Back?

The report from google analytics’ keywords shows you how well your search engine keywords, search terms are delivering traffic to your website, and your search engine marketing efforts.

Pay attention to google analytics’ referral report. The referrer came to your website from another website that linked directly to your website.

Track the source of referrals to your site
Track the source of referrals to your site

You can use referral data and keyword data to improve your website’s search engine rankings and increase awareness of when, where and why people link to you. . Understanding what draws people to your website can help you give them more of what they want, increasing engagement, encouraging repeat, and longer visits.

5. Can I track my google adsense campaign with google analytics?
Maybe. Google analytics measures the success of your google adsense (ads). If your goal is to generate revenue through adsense initiatives, waisberg recommends using google analytics’ site reports. It provides a detailed look at the website that is best done in generating adsense revenue and much more.

Can I Measure the Success of My Google Adwords Initiatives?

You can also leverage google analytics to find out which google adwords campaigns work and which aren’t, and why.

Monitor and evaluate the most effective google adwords campaign
Monitor and evaluate the most effective google adwords campaign

To find out, create an enhanced google analytics page reporting segment that includes only adwords hits that end up not redirecting.

Once you do that you can check the landingpage report to see which pages have the highest bounce rates, says waisberg. Causes of bounces can include poor website content or poor design, browsers, and devices.

7. How can I track and improve e-commerce sales?
You can use google analytics’ handy yet somewhat B2B Email List technical goal funnel feature to analyze the overall success of your ecommerce efforts – including individual shopping cart transactions. , if you want.

Waisberg advises taking advantage of target funnel options to figure out where your customers abandon their purchase during the online shopping process. Knowing when and where a customer abandons a purchase can help you tailor your online shopping experience and further increase sales completion rates.

How Can I See What Browsers and Devices People Use to Access My Website?

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In the audience section of google analytics, you can see a complete list of all the web browsers, operating systems, and devices that visitors use to access your website.

Understanding the customer’s technology habits, you can proactively approach appropriate plans and campaigns
Understanding the customer’s technology CRYP Email List habits, you can proactively approach appropriate plans and campaigns

If a significant amount of visitors are viewing your website on smartphones or tablets, it may be time to review and develop a mobile app or optimize your site for mobile phones to serve them better

9. How can I know what is being sent from my website to the visitors?
The exits page feature of google analytics will show the individual pages of your website that users are visiting when they navigate away from your website.

If your main homepage url is at the top of the exit pages on the list, chances are you’re losing customers on the first page they land on your website. In that case, it might be time to redesign your main landing page to enhance optimal engagement. Or, if the pages that users leave the most are buried in your website, not useful, then consider removing these pages completely.

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