Market to Satisfy a Need Then We “Steal Such as the Case of Downloaded Music

If we express identity with objects, we attribute to them the task of transferring certain characteristics to others . We find ourselves in front of individual – object – crowd. But in reality the opposite process can also be . Triggered “the things you own eventually own you” (as in fight club) or crowd-object-individual. The crowd attributes a value to the object that we want to demonstrate, communicate in such a way as to make us attribute those labels. In other words, we try to make the characteristics of that object reflect on us (isn’t that what fashion does?)

But what is the consumption limit? the consumer

buys and when he consumes he increases his satisfaction. Sometimes we  satisfy our needs with things superior to necessity, for example we choose to take house or bottled wine. The brand gives a sense of security because we don’t have the ability to judge a wine without the label and because it gives a sense of importance, superiority

However, there are more irrational types of consumer

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behavior such as the almost pathological fanaticism whereby one is Colombia Mobile Number List to an idea or an object. Here we move further and further away from the tangibility of choice and conditions of choice appear that go beyond the and concludes the online purchase, after which he collects the product in the store;
Try & Buy : in this last case, the user tries on the product in the shopelements of contact between the company and the potential customer, present in every phase of the decision-making process.product. An example would be Cryp Email List the Mac; it is seen as a religion, as existential growth that contributes to improving the sense of self, as if it had a metaphysical value (possession of extended self). Many of us have a self-perception that passes through the things we own, a set of objects that build the selff. Some even have extreme traits that turn into compulsions that can be harmful to us and others, such as gambling, drugs, etc.

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